Cinema and Photographs


The photographic group Grouping began to work in 2013, taking advantage of the infrastructure Sefilma, our section of cinema, a group of fans to the photography have initiated the way to create a photographic section. We hope to realise exits, courses, chats. At the moment this group meets Mondays from 18 to 20 to chat and to share doubts and reflections.

IV Contest

Sefilmais a group opened to all those people who feel a great illusion by the cinema framed in a responsible atmosphere. A centric situation and an infrastructure to value turn to the Grouping into a point of contact, where often activities of collaboration and support with other groups or people related to the Aragonese cinematographic world are carried out.

The 2005Collection of Paul.Emilio Larruga
The 2004Masks.Fernando Usón
2001Feliz Cumpleaños Papá.Roberto Aznar - DV CAM
2001Encounter.Fernando Usón - DV CAM
2000Frauds.Pedro Aguaviva - DV CAM
1998Serve another glass to me, stupid idiot.Gabás, Novoa, Aguaviva
I go away to New York.Pedro Aguaviva. - Super VHS
1995the cinema is in Saragossa.Pedro Aguaviva. - Super VHS
1994a day in the life of.Luz Gabás
Essences don't mention it.Pedro Aguaviva. - Super VHS
1993Canal 69.Pedro Aguaviva - Super VHS
1992Draughts.Luz Gabás - Super VHS
1991the salesman of BiblesPallarés, Fandos, Aguaviva, Novoa - Super 8 m.m
1990HummingEnrique Susín - Super 8 m.m.
1989Or Pisa or is above to you.Enrique Susín - Super 8 m.m.


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