Saragossa to 14 of Aprilof 2010

Dear Sirs:

We went to you to present to us as multipurpose organization and simultaneously to offer our hall to them for any meeting or activity that wants to realise.

We are an association cultural, without spirit of profit and declared of public utility, have different sections chess, radio, miniaturismo, music, recreational cinema and. The activities of these sections are funded with the quotas of the partners, and the income that we obtained renting our premises. Every year we rendered accounts to the DGA and the Tributary Agency because we have obligation to invest in activities 70% of our income. We would thank for once well-known all this then to them that took into account our supply for the rent from our hall multipurpose.

Our Hall multipurpose account with a maximum capacity 120 seated people, counts on public address system and projector multimedia, connection to Internet and air conditioning. In addition it is totally accessible, without stairs. We are open of 10 to 22 hours of Monday to Sunday. The hall can also be rented diaphanous without chairs for some activity that requires free space. Also we counted on another smaller room for some 20 people. The price in workable day for a meeting of some two hours is of 50 Euros but IVA. For holidays or other schedules to consult.

Without another individual and in the hope of its answerit salutes to him very kindly.

Secretary of A.A. A.

We enclose photo of the hall and our situation.